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Match Report: U9 Purple v Esker Celtic

posted Oct 19, 2015, 3:42 AM by Stephen Lacey

Match Report U9 Purple Team

Terenure Rangers FC vs Esker Celtic FC

Sunday October 11th, KO 11.30

On a momentous day in Irish sport, our team were a shining example of the best the Irish boys can offer in terms of soccer – even at the ripe old age of seven and eight.  Based on the football that was played on Sunday, Martin O’Neill need not panic too much as the future is very bright in terms of boys football.

We headed over to Lucan with a kick off time of 11.30 to play Esker Celtic.  The first team reviewed was made up of Mark Power, Henry Morgan, Donnchadh Long, Cillian Noonan, Pierre Renault and Thomas Curran.

Right from the start the boys were into a midfield battle between Rangers and the Esker boys, a break came when Cillian cleared the midfield with a lay off to Thomas who in turn provided a lovely pass to Henry.  Henry gave an excellent pass to Thomas who finished with a classic goal.

Following the kick out Donnchadh and Thomas had a lovely bit of team work in the mid field with Thomas being unlucky with his shot.  Next we saw Cillian burst out of the back and provide a pass to Mark, who displayed some excellent movement and finished with a lovely cross to Donnchadh -Donnchadh passed to Thomas who finished off this piece of play with a peach of a goal.  This was a display of fantastic team play, and was the envy of the Esker coaches.

Next to note was a great display by Donnchadh who beat three players to cross to Thomas who was unlucky not to score under pressure.  However, not to worry as upon the kick out, Donnchadh poached a cheeky goal.

Up the other end, Mark provided a very important block to put the ball out for a corner and the ensuing shot was confidently saved by Cillian.

Meanwhile, Pierre was in the midst of a very fierce midfield battle with a very strong Esker player but was not one to give into pressure and was able to provide an excellent lay off to Cillian who in turn had his own midfield battle but got an excellent shot in which was saved and put out for a corner.  These Esker players liked to play a very physical game but our players were not intimidated – in fact Henry was admirable when his jersey was blatantly pulled while he was trying to run down the line but still managed to get a shot in.

We then saw some more excellent skill from Mark who chipped a perfect ball into Thomas in the box who finished with a lovely goal.

Henry and Cillian then provided us with some lovely football bringing the ball from the back into the midfield with a lovely one two and passing and then laid off to Mark who took the opportunity to lob in high kick a la Shane Long into the goal from almost the half way line but unluckily it was put out for a corner.  Although heavily marked – Pierre knocked in a super goal.  Another goal by Henry following a Midfield battle by Donnchadh.

It wasn’t all one sided though, as towards the end of the match we saw an Esker onslaught with a number of on target shots, a great save by Mark provided Donnchadh with the opportunity to show us a great run up the left wing and was denied a goal by a diving save by the Esker goalie.  Finally there was a bit of a tussle with Cillian and an Esker player but Cillian managed to loose his man and let loose a nice shot giving him a goal to be very happy with.

Our next match saw our team made up of Alister, Ben, Finn, Solomon Luke and Donnchadh who had swopped with Odhran for this match.  (As Odhran didn’t feature in either of the matches at the time each was being reviewed, he will not be mentioned specifically in each match, however, his coach in the second match confirmed that It must be noted that upon switching teams, Odhran gelled fantastically with his new team and showed us some excellent play at the back and making a number of bursting runs out of defence to lay the ball off to the forwards and midfielders).

Straight off we saw Alistair and Finn link nicely with some excellent movement.  Finn provided a lovely cross to Solomon who was very unlucky not to get a toe to it but not to worry as the movement was almost mimicked immediately with Finn providing another lovely cross and this time Solomon finished with a little tap in!

Donnchadh burst out of defence down the other end and passed to Finn who had a touchline battle and the ball was put out for a corner…. The corner was taken by Finn and Luke just got a toe to it but unfortunately it just sneeked into the side netting.  Next we saw an attack from Esker from their strong player who continuously annoyed Ben down the left wing, on this occasion he took a shot across the goal and was unlucky not to have scored.  Out of the back line, we saw more confident and seamless team work by Donnchadh, Alistair and Luke who’s shot was saved by the Esker goalie.  However, we then witnessed an almost identical Shane Long goal to that in the previous match – Ben, back at the half way line, looked up and took a long range shot which resulted in a high class goal for Rangers.

Luke battled away along in the centre circle with his man and provided some space for Finn to run up the centre and link with Ben who passed to Soloman who’s shot was saved.  Upon the kickout, Ben provided us with some spectacular mid-air work and provided a perfectly placed pass to Solomon who calmly finished with a great goal.  Finn and Ben maintained their excellent workrate throughout the second half with Finn and Donnchadh providing a lot of the play and set pieces into Luke and Soloman.  Alistair was very unlucky not to get his shot in following a nice bit of skill in front of the goal.

Meahwhile, Alistair doing great work at the back and made a very important clearance, straight up to Ben who then made a lightning break down the wing and lined up for a very powerful shot which was saved by the goalie.  Next up was a corner which was quickly taken by Luke in a set piece straight out of training – to Donnchadh - then to Finn who took a shot but which was saved.  Luke tried his best to poach a goal upon the Esker kick out which was saved but it was nice to see the sharp thinking by Luke.

The final piece of play saw some excellent play by Ben and Finn who in turn passed to Donnchadh who took off up the centre and then passed to Soloman.  Soloman provided us with some lovely individual play and set up Luke who expertly ran onto the ball and scored!

.With the shake of hands our teams came off the pitch with their heads held high after displaying a great team effort – it was evident that they had been listening to John in training about keeping position and looking up before passing to their team mates.