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Mount Merrion Vs Terenure Rangers - match report - 1st Nov. 2015

posted Nov 17, 2015, 8:21 AM by Stephen Lacey   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 8:21 AM ]

Mount Merrion Vs Terenure Rangers - match report - 1st Nov. 2015


On a beautiful morning which was akin to a bright spring morning, our boys headed over to Mount Merrion to meet Mount Merrion Youths FC in Deerpark.  The first team to be reviewed was made up of Mark, Odhran, Donnacdha, Alistair, Luke and Cillian.

Right from the start, we saw some fancy footwork from Donnacdha which was very impressive and who fed onto Mark who took a crack but unlucky not to score.

Alistair then provided a nice pass to Donnacdha who made a break through and on for a powerful shot and almost just slipped through the hands of the goalie.  Meanwhile, Mark was having a bit of a battle himself in the midfield and letting very little get away from him.  The ball was put out for a corner which was launched into the box by Mark and following an unfortunate error by the Mount Merrion goalie, Alistair poached a sneaky goal.

The next piece of play was one which we wished that John Sheahan had seen as it was straight out of the training manual…. Down at the corner flag, Mark took the corner and gave a short pass to Donnacdha, who took a quick look up and noticed that Cillian was well placed to have a shot, and have a shot he did, which resulted in a lovely first touch goal.  This was an amazing piece of team play with very clever passing.

However, success was short lived as we saw a period of pressure from Mount Merrion which ended in a goal for them. During this period of pressure by Mount Merrion, we saw the back line do their job very well – Luke did a great job shadowing the forwards and made it very difficult for them to take any shots.  Cillian made a nice save during this piece of play.

Mark was still working away in midfield and not giving an inch to the Mount Merrion midfielders.  Alistair was also making a nuisance of himself in midfield and provided a nice lay off to Donnacdha who had a shot but saved by the goalie.

As the positions of the team changed, we were amused by the reluctance of Mark and Cillian to stay in their given positions back defending – if ever there were two forwards in the making, it looks like its these two as John constantly had to remind them that they were backs and not to try to drift forward!!!!

The next piece of play was very notable and not necessary for the football but for what happened after….. Mark provided an excellent lay off to Alistair who was straight through as he was the last man back – he kept a steady head and finished with a cool goal.  However, due to the speed he was traveling at, he unintentionally stepped over the goalie but immediately turned straight back to help the Mount Merrion goalie back onto his feet.

Towards the end of the match we saw Mark take another corner and Odhran take a shot but which was saved, however, Donnacdha was quick off the mark and collected the rebound and was rewarded with a goal.


The second team was made up of Tom, Ben, Henry, Thomas, Finn and Toby who made his debut on Sunday with the team.

Straight into the game was Finn with some tidy work in the midfield.  He made a lovely run up the right wing and put a cross in but was saved, however, Finn wasn’t finished yet and after two more attempts, he knocked in a well deserved goal.

Then we saw Toby in action for the first time and he was out to impress…. With a lovely run up the right wing he took a lovely shot which just dipped over the bar. 

Ben then did some lovely defending as usual and provided well needed support to the team when he provided a lovely long ball up to Finn who worked neatly with Toby to win a corner.  Finn and Toby continued to work well with each other to provide us with a nice set play taking the corner.

Back down the other end, Ben came to the rescue when he blocked a shot which was heading on target into the goal.  From the kickout, Tom took control and ran up the midfield and skilfully took on and beat two players.

Mount Merrion went on to steal a lucky goal following a Rangers back pass, however, the boys kept their heads and Ben ran the length of the pitch and take a shot which was saved – Ben didn’t give up and pounced on the re-bound which, unfortunately was saved also.  Toby then took advantage of this good spell and this time beat three Mount Merrion players to get his shot in, and only for the on-form goalie, his shot would have been in the back of the net.

Finn, Thomas and Toby were all battling hard in the midfield and Finn showed us a tackle which Joe Schmidt would have been proud of, but he managed to come away with the ball.

Meanwhile, Henry was showing us some lovely skill up front and was rewarded with an excellent goal - taken under pressure with his back to the goal, which showed us his natural instinct for a goal.

Both Thomas and Tom were putting in a great work rate in the midfield and were supported by wonderful calm and confident play by Finn at the back.  Thomas took an excellent shot and was so unlucky as the goalie made a great diving save and just got his fingertips to the ball, pushing it out past the post with inches to spare.

Ben then made another important block while backing away from the ball – another instinctive move, he then provided Thomas with a lovely lay off who, this time was rewarded by an excellent goal – wonderful football to watch!