Injury Claims

Accidents happen! Players collide into one another, ankles twist, heads bump together going for a ball… it’s part and parcel of playing sport. If we want the children and players in the club never to get injured, then we’d best not sign them up to any sports, because at some time or other a hamstring will be pulled, a wrist strained, or a collarbone broken!

Occasionally serious injuries do occur, which is why the Club ensures that it has a back-up insurance policy in place in the event that the family of an injured player does not have VHI or other private health insurance in place.

What Insurance Cover Does Terenure Rangers Have?

Public Liability:

The club holds Public Liability Insurance through a policy arranged with insurance brokers First Ireland.  This covers the club against claims from outside parties up to a maximum of €10m.

Personal Accident:

Many adult players have cover (e.g. VHI membership) for medical costs, which includes cover for costs incurred as a result of sports injuries. This is also true for underage players, many of who are covered via school policies.

However, Terenure Rangers do hold insurance for instances where the individual player does not have such cover, or where the cover is incomplete. This is achieved via a Personal Accident policy arranged by First Ireland.  The primary function of this policy is to cover players for medical costs which may arise as a result of injury sustained while taking part in club activities (i.e. playing/ training etc.).  As outlined above, it provides cover only for costs NOT met by other cover which an individual may have.  Some of the principal features are as follows:

* Note the requirement for referral by a doctor.  So the policy does NOT cover fees for physiotherapy, unless this has been recommended in advance by a doctor.  (Adult players should note the UCFL alternative for physiotherapy in certain circumstances which is outlined below).

Loss of Earnings (Adult Players)

Please note that the club has NO cover for loss of earnings.  This is due to the cost and limited nature of the cover available.

While the club could purchase some form of cover for loss of wages, it is a difficult area.  Typically, some players have adequate cover themselves, either through their own individual policies, or, more likely, through group staff cover provided by a large employer.  It is therefore difficult for the club and, by extension, the insurer, to estimate the potential liability in these circumstances.  The result is that this type of cover for a sports club is very expensive, very limited and therefore quite unsatisfactory.

Anybody can receive an injury rendering them unfit for work at any time, not just when playing football.  Employees of large companies often have group cover available to them which will help in this situation.  But if not, and especially if you are self-employed and cannot afford to miss a period of work, you should consider ensuring that you have adequate cover of your own.  Any insurance broker will discuss details of individual policies suitable to your own needs.  Such policies would typically also include cover against injury sustained while playing football, i.e. for Terenure Rangers FC.

UCFL Injured Players Fund:

Some of the club’s adult men’s teams are members of the UCFL’s Injured Players Fund.  This provides payments of up to €35 per week for a maximum of 10 weeks following an injury. However, this applies only to injuries incurred during an official UCFL game (so training injuries would not be covered).  Limited cover for “ordinary” physiotherapy fees (i.e. without recommendation by a doctor) can be obtained in this way. Again, please inform a committee member/ John Fraser immediately, as the UCFL must be informed within 7 days of the injury.  Note that injuries incurred during club training would NOT be covered.

What do I need to do to make an Insurance Claim? 

If you incur an injury requiring medical treatment, the insurers must be informed as soon as possible. This is most easily done by contacting the club’s main contact with the insurers, John Fraser directly. Your team manager or any club committee member will be able to assist.  This will enable us to inform the insurers promptly and to advise the correct course of action to reduce the likelihood of rejection of a possible claim for reimbursement of expenses.

If you need advice or help on making an Accident Claim please contact John Fraser at as soon as possible